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Feed Me Oil (2011), video game review.

The Apple App Store is filled with physics based puzzle games. Angry Birds and Cut the Rope two of the more prominent ones, but there are others–some of which are just as good if not better. Enigmo was one of the earlier physics puzzlers, and much of Feed Me Oil draws from the earlier game. But it also has some things in common with another game that was only recently put up onto the App Store, World of Goo.
As with the other two games, the goal in Feed Me Oil is to guide fluids from a pipe to an end location. In both Feed Me Oil and Enigmo you have access to an innovatory of objects that you place to help guide the fluid–oil in Feed Me Oil, and water in Enigmo. Another big difference between Enigmo and World of Goo was the art style. Enigmo was boring looking, it was mechanical and bland, where as World of Goo had a more playful and cartoony art style. Feed Me Oil, thankfully, ¬†follows World of Goo in this¬†category.
Both of the above games were fun and worth the money, but how does the newcomer, Feed Me Oil, stand? Read on to find out. Read the rest of this entry