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Update: Go see Tintin.

The Adventures of Tintin isn’t exploding in the box offices Read the rest of this entry


Update: What is gonna happen in 2012?

To whoever is reading this (yes I’m talking to the one person who reads my blog) I apologize for not writing more these past few months. Read the rest of this entry

My Top 10 Favorite Movies.

This is the sequel to my Top 10 Favorite Video Games list. This one took me a bit  longer to write, because, as many video games as I’ve played, I’ve watched even more movies. But after much time thinking about, decide, and eliminating movies, this is the list that emerged. Hopeful some of the choices will surprise you (some did for me). Read the rest of this entry

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011), movie review.

The first Pirates of the Caribbean movie I loved—it was an instant classic—the second movie was a disappointment, and the third was…the third was weird and confused me. When a movie series comes out with three movies I assume that that’s it, they made a trilogy and now their done, but not the Pirates movies. Read on to find out my thoughts on the movie. Read the rest of this entry

Buried (2010), movie review.

In Buried, Ryan Reynolds wakes up to find himself trapped underground in a coffin in Iraq. The only source of light he has is an old lighter that he has in his pocket. But that’s not going to last too long. What does he have to do to escape? Is the finished movie as good as the premise? Read on to find out… Read the rest of this entry