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Mass Effect 2 on PS3.

Last night I picked up the downloadable version of Mass Effect 2 on the PSN. And after a lengthy download and install, (during which I fell asleep) I played the opening of ME2. Read the rest of this entry


Mass Effect 2 (2010), video game review.

Mass Effect 2 changes everything that the original did wrong. Where as the first games combat was bogged down by bad mechanics and lackluster gunplay, the sequel move the gameplay forward and finally makes it feel more like a shooter RPG hybrid, instead of an RPG with some not so great shooting attached.  While they didn’t drastically change-up the way players can manipulate the story, the ability to import your character, along with all of their choices and achievements, from the first game, it gives the player a stronger emotionally attachment to the story… Read the rest of this entry

Mass Effect (2007), video game review.

With the final installment in the Mass Effect series delayed until March, I thought that it was high-time that I replayed the first game. It had been awhile, so I didn’t totally know what to expect. Was it going to be this terrible shooter with some RPG elements? Or was it the greatest RPG to ever grace my Xbox?
While, why don’t you just read on… Read the rest of this entry