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In a Nutshell: Dark Souls. PS3 version.

Dark Souls is a game. Read the rest of this entry


Demon’s Souls (2009), video game review.

I walk slowly down the dark walkway, in my hand my most powerful bow, an arrow notched. Before me I can see bloodstains of those who died here before me. Behind me is a trail of bodies, people I killed, some of them have arrows sticking out of them, and others are charred and slashed apart by me flame sword.
As I come to a crumbling stone stair I hear a terrible roar, and then fire and death are all around me. A dragon has come to meet me.
Running as fast as my legs will carry me, I find a safe spot and pull out my wand. As the dragon flies by me, this time I let him have a taste of my magic. The beast barely flinches but I know that I dealt him some damage. And so, I grit my teeth, set my pack down, and stick some more arrows in the ground before me. Now I’m ready to take on the beast.
About a half hour later the dragon flies by me, and as my Soul Arrow spell hits it in the head, the dragon shrieks, and then falls to the ground. I am…victorious. Read the rest of this entry