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Battlefield 1943 (2009), Playstation 3 review.

I love single-player games and they accomplish a lot of amazing, jaw-dropping, mind-blowing moments. But somethings can only be fully appreciated due to the randomness of online multiplayer. And the master of these kinds of special online moments: Battlefield. Read the rest of this entry


Mass Effect 2 on PS3.

Last night I picked up the downloadable version of Mass Effect 2 on the PSN. And after a lengthy download and install, (during which I fell asleep) I played the opening of ME2. Read the rest of this entry

You wanna be my friend?

Do you want to be my friend? Well actually you’ll only be my friend on the Playstation Network and Gamecenter. Read the rest of this entry

Limbo (2010), video game review.

Dark, moody, and beautiful.
Limbo is a tale of a boy on his quest to find his little sister. On his way he encounters puzzles and traps, and many a gruesome death. The game my be short, but many hail it as an achievement in gaming. With its new PSN release now seems like a perfect time for a review.

Read on… Read the rest of this entry