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My Top 10 Favorite Books.

The new list in my series of “Top 10 Favorites.”  This time I decided to tackle my favorite books. Some people say that you can’t have a favorite book, that may be so for them, but this is what I came up with… Read the rest of this entry


My Top 10 Favorite Movies.

This is the sequel to my Top 10 Favorite Video Games list. This one took me a bit  longer to write, because, as many video games as I’ve played, I’ve watched even more movies. But after much time thinking about, decide, and eliminating movies, this is the list that emerged. Hopeful some of the choices will surprise you (some did for me). Read the rest of this entry

Top Ten Favorite Video Games.

Okay so I like writing, I like video games, and I like lists, so I thought, “why don’t I make a top ten video games list?”. So I did and here it is.


Read the rest of this entry