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Battlefield 1943 (2009), Playstation 3 review.

I love single-player games and they accomplish a lot of amazing, jaw-dropping, mind-blowing moments. But somethings can only be fully appreciated due to the randomness of online multiplayer. And the master of these kinds of special online moments: Battlefield. Read the rest of this entry


Splice (2009), movie review.

What happens when humans start messing around with DNA, mixing species? Then what if human DNA was thrown in the mix?
Splice is the story of two doctors, experts in their field, who are the first to create a completely new, hybrid species. And then they go further into the rabbit hole, and throw in some human into the mixing pot.
So how does it fare? Read on to find out… Read the rest of this entry

Demon’s Souls (2009), video game review.

I walk slowly down the dark walkway, in my hand my most powerful bow, an arrow notched. Before me I can see bloodstains of those who died here before me. Behind me is a trail of bodies, people I killed, some of them have arrows sticking out of them, and others are charred and slashed apart by me flame sword.
As I come to a crumbling stone stair I hear a terrible roar, and then fire and death are all around me. A dragon has come to meet me.
Running as fast as my legs will carry me, I find a safe spot and pull out my wand. As the dragon flies by me, this time I let him have a taste of my magic. The beast barely flinches but I know that I dealt him some damage. And so, I grit my teeth, set my pack down, and stick some more arrows in the ground before me. Now I’m ready to take on the beast.
About a half hour later the dragon flies by me, and as my Soul Arrow spell hits it in the head, the dragon shrieks, and then falls to the ground. I am…victorious. Read the rest of this entry

inFamous (2009), video game review.

Due to their recent security meltdown Sony has decided to include inFamous as one of the games that PSN users may pick as a part of the “Welcome Back” program. And with the sequel just out this was perhaps a very smart move on their part.
But with four other game also included in the “Welcome Back” program you may not want to choose inFamous as one of your two. That’s where I come in.  Read on to see what I think of the first inFamous game…
Read the rest of this entry

Uncharted 2 (2009), video game review.

There was a lot of hype about Uncharted 2 about a year and a half ago. According to the games case it was given over twenty-five, five-star reviews. It won Game of the Year in many reviews hearts, and was called one of the best games of the generation. Some said that it was like playing an adventure movie. But how does the game hold up after a year and a half? Is it a true, movie like experience? Is it the best game of the generation? Read on to find out… Read the rest of this entry

Angry Birds (2009), video game review.

Angry Birds has become one of the biggest games the generation. It’s sold millions (maybe billions) of copies, had two spinoffs, it’s being ported over to the Wii, DS (I’ve even heard Xbox 360), and there’s been talk of a movie. But does it deserve all of it’s fame, it’s accolades? My answer is… Read the rest of this entry