Battlefield 1943 (2009), Playstation 3 review.

I love single-player games and they accomplish a lot of amazing, jaw-dropping, mind-blowing moments. But somethings can only be fully appreciated due to the randomness of online multiplayer. And the master of these kinds of special online moments: Battlefield.

While Call of Duty may be the biggest shooter in the world, that doesn’t mean that it is the best. And actually, if you were to judge the size of Battlefield multiplayer maps to those in Call of Duty, you would see that Battlefield is much bigger.

Anyways, just because COD (Call of Duty) dominates in the sales department doesn’t mean that it is the best game out there. Now before any COD players out there start yelling, let me say this: I was once in your camp. I used to be a huge COD player and was the best of my friends. But now-a-days it’s hard for me to break half a dozen kills. 

For a while I thought that, since I didn’t like COD, I didn’t like First-Person shooters. But oh how wrong I was.

When I got high-speed internet full-time for the first time last month one of the first things I did was download a ton of Playstation Network demos. And one of those demos that stood out, was Battlefield 1943.

After I had used up the generous time that was in the demo I knew that I wanted the game, the full game, for my own. And since the game is only ten dollars I bought it right there, and haven’t looked back once.

For ten dollars you will get three online only maps that are all compatible with the same mode: Conquest. And since the game has been released a fourth map that uses a unique airplane-based mode has become available free of charge.

The way that Conquest works is that each team is charged with capturing, and controlling, the five flags in the maps, all of which are tied to a base. Once one of the teams has more flags then the other, the team with the least amount of flags will slowly start to lose lives. As the power shifts the losing team can become the winning team, and the winners become the losers. When a team’s life counter has been fully depleted the match ends and they are declared the losers.

Unlike many online games these days BF:1943 (Battlefield: 1943) doesn’t constantly hold a carrot out in front of you. You won’t be unlocking new weapons because all of the classes are premade, and while you can level up there are no perks attached with it other then a new emblem next to your name. Without that carrot some people might find it hard to keep playing a game for any length of time without it having kickass gameplay. So…does it?

Yes. For the most part.

I did find some balancing issues here and there though. Such as how weak most of the explosives are. There would be times that explosions would go off right next to a person and they would appear to be just fine and keep running along. One instance that sticks out to me was the time that a plane discharged a bomb  mere feet from where I was standing, and I took no damage at all. And I also found that tanks can be a little too powerful as they take far too many direct shots with bazookas and cannons to take down.

There have also been times when my team is completely destroying the opposition. But when I go to see where in the match I rank, I see that we have four more people on our team. This has happened to me more then once and I know that not all of the times it was due to people dropping the match, but instead the matchmaking placing people on our team, even though we already had too many people on it.

But aside from these and a few other tiny hiccups I greatly enjoyed, and continue to enjoy, playing Battlefield: 1943.


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  1. The game is pretty amazing.

  2. What I discover tough is to find a blog that may capture me for a minute however your weblog is different. Bravo.

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