In a Nutshell: Dark Souls. PS3 version.

Dark Souls is a game.

Unlike a lot of games these days Dark Souls know that it is a game. Some games, such as Uncharted or Heavy Rain, are games that, while still being games are at the same time trying too hard to be movies.

But Dark Souls know exactly what it is, and embraces that. The game eschews length cutscenes and dialogue in favor of intense, nail-biting combat.

Unlike its predecessor, Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls is an open-world. While it isn’t open-world in the Grand Theft Auto sense where you have a large open space to play around in. It is more alike to the original Legend of Zelda. The majority of the game is open but some of it you won’t immediately be able to access. Either do due to the fact that you require any item or ability, or because that particular area is too hard for your character at that time.

This open ended design works well, but at times it can be a bit confusing as to what you are supposed to be doing. And add that to the games killer difficulty, players could be stuck for a long time.

One thing I love and think Dark Souls is great conveying, is the sense of discovery. Each of the beautiful new areas that you will discover is yearning to be explored and is bursting with monsters, deadly traps, and shiny new loot.

Demon’s Souls wasn’t hideous ugly, but no one would say it was an amazing looking game. For the most part Dark Souls is very pretty, with tons of gorgeous locales, disfigured monsters, and sweeping vistas. But some areas do look begin to drag and look a little bland.

Dark Souls has an amazing combat system with lots of different techniques to use. The game is fitted so you could play pretty much how ever you want, whether it is a nimble rogue, a fireball throwing pyro, or a hulking tank. Each technique has its weakness’s and its strengths.

Bosses are often shoved into games needlessly. Dark Souls is not one of those games. In fact it thrives on bosses. The game revolves round its boss fights and they are some of the best that I’ve played in a while. And the final fight is intense, emotion, challenging, and possibly my favorite final boss.

This is a great game that has tons of replayablity. It has some of tightest melee combat, epic bosses, and amazing setting. And when my Game of the Year awards roll around this February this is going to be a strong contender for my Game of the Year.

Final Score:

9 out of 10.

How scoring works…


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