Mass Effect 2 on PS3.

Last night I picked up the downloadable version of Mass Effect 2 on the PSN. And after a lengthy download and install, (during which I fell asleep) I played the opening of ME2.

The first major difference that I noticed was the Mass Effect: Genesis interactive comic book. Genesis does a good job of rehashing the bigger events from the first game and even lets you make a few choices along the way. While this isn’t nearly as good as having all of your choices carry over from the first game to the second, this is an okay¬†alternative. And it also makes it so you can start a new game of ME2 and select different choices without having to playthrough ME1.

As far as other difference go the only thing that I noticed was that the lighting seemed off at times and would cast shadows across characters faces during some of the cutscenes.

The game is running on the Mass Effect 3 engine but it is hard to make any major difference between the Xbox and PS3 versions. Only time will tell which console version is the superior.



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