You wanna be my friend?

Do you want to be my friend? Well actually you’ll only be my friend on the Playstation Network and Gamecenter.

If you want to play games and compare trophies online with me, well now you can.

Have a PS3? Well then friend me on the Playstation Network; my name is: laeavaia. Just so you don’t spend time doing something meaningless, the name is meaningless. I keep on getting name taken messages and since this was before I had a blog in my frustration I just spelled my name with the letter A in-between each letter.

Got an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch? Well you can friend me there too. My name’s outdatedreviews, just like the blog.

I have an Xbox Live account but I don’t pay for the Gold service and my Xbox isn’t even hooked up to the internet so it isn’t worth it to post my gamertag.

Once you’ve friended me then we can compare trophies and achievements, scores, and maybe if we have the same game we could play some multiplayer.


If you like my blog subscribe and leave a comment. Also if you know other people who’d like it share it. And if you DON’T like my blog leave a comment telling me why…


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  1. I was wondering what all the A’s where about…

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