iOS Shout-Out:Forget-Me-Not

I am in constant search of good games to play while listening to music.  My favorite type of game to playing music to are ones where all you try to do is see how far, or how many points you can get before you die. Luckily that it one of the iPhone’s specialty.  But when I  heard about Forget-Me-Not I got excited.

Forget-Me-Not is cross between Pac-Man and old-school dungeon crawlers. The point of the game is to navigate each level (of which there are hundreds) collecting all of the pellets, then the key, and finally, dashing through the secret door. Did I mention that there are also about a dozen different types of enemies, all of them out to get you. But don’t think you can’t defend yourself, no, actually you’re little cube  shaped character is constantly shooting out a stream of lasers. And there are still more things to do, such as leveling up, or grinding.

There are five or six different game modes, two difficulties, and same device multiplayer (which I could only really see working on an iPad).

I am already mad addicting to the game. My favorite mode is Seed which gives all player around the world a new set of pre-ordered levels each day so they can see who can get the furthest.

Before I finish I would like to say that it is a shame that there are less then a thousand people on the Gamecenter leaderboards. If you have an iOS device check the game out, its only 1.99 and its super fun.



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  1. According to the first paragraph, you should definitely look into Super Crate Box.

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