Update: What is gonna happen in 2012?

To whoever is reading this (yes I’m talking to the one person who reads my blog) I apologize for not writing more these past few months. I’ve been busy. But now I am relocated (myself, not the blog) and I now have highspeed right in my very home. What a thought!
It was not that I didn’t want to write during my absence…but I was very busy and I was also trying to figure out what I wanted out of this here blog. I did even sit down a couple of times with the greatest of intentions to writing reviews for games I had been playing (e.g. Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, Skyrim, etc), but every-time I come up short. Either I would get writers block or it had been so long since I’d actually played the game that it didn’t seem fair to review it unless I played though it again.

But finally,in  the new year, stuff has started to slow down. So this begs the question of, what is going to happen in 2012.

Lemme give you the answer.

The world is going to end…actually, it probably won’t. But what will be happening is more writing from yours truly. Some of the writing will be in the same format as it was before my hiatus (reviews, lists) but I will also try branching out. Since games can take a long time to play through I will be posting thoughts on the games I am playing at the moment; these kinds of posts will hopefully go up at least a couple times a week. Also because I just got a new iPod Touch I will be giving some iOS game shout outs. Followups on reviews to see if my thoughts are the same after time has pasted. And when it happens that I get sidetracked and end up not writing a full review I will post a “mini” review (working title).  “In a nutshell” review.

On a side note, you (my one reader) may notice that there was not a single mention of movies, books, or any medium other than video games. This is because I have decided that I am not very good at writing full-length reviews for movies and such. So that means that you probably won’t see reviews for things other than video games very often. But if I see a movie, or read a book that I want to talk about I’ll be sure to do so here.


If you liked this post, or any on this blog, please share it on your favorite social networks and pass it on to anybody you think might enjoy my writing. I would be forever in your debt. And leave any thoughts you have in a comment.


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  1. Am I the one person who reads your blog?

  2. It was a joke (sort of) but thanks.

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