In a nutshell: Assassin’s Creed: Revelations (2011) PS3 version.

Assassin’s Creed II is one of my all time favorite games . AC: Brotherhood was good but not nearly as good as II was. But even so I still really enjoyed Brotherhood because it had a cool story and it added enough new mechanics to make it feel fresh.

So as a big fan of the series I was stoked when AC: Revelations was announced. And right up until I got a hold of the game I was sure it was going to top Brotherhood, and maybe even AC II. But almost as soon as I started playing I knew that it wasn’t as good as any of the previous Assassin’s Creed games.

For people new to the Assassin’s Creed universe you know that it has gotten incredible complex over the span of it’s handful of releases. In my mind it has almost become the video game equivalent of the TV show LOST. There are so many unanswered question and characters. It has gotten to the point that the universe has become almost comical, and if they ever do get around to answering all of the questions I will probably be  disappointed.

In the past two AC games players have taken control of the charismatic Italian Ezio Auditore. For the first game we controlled a much less suave middle-Eastern assassin be the name of Atair. But the real main character of the series is a man named Desmond Miles. And now for the first time in the series this game revolves around all three of the characters at once.

What immediately draws me to the AC games is the gameplay, but what keeps me there is the story. And in both regards I feel that Revelations is the weakest.

The gameplay innovations that are present I either didn’t feel added much (bombs, the hookblade) or were just plain bad. For some strange reason the developers so fit to place a awful tower-defense style mini-game. I can’t find a single good thing to say about it other that it is possible to avoid it if you try. But every thing else, from the camera, the controls, to the difficulty is terrible.

Combat has never been the series strong suit. But when Revelations was announced they said that the hookblade would help to fix it. Either I missed out on something and didn’t learn how it changes combat or it just doesn’t. But either way I feel that the hookblade was a swing and a miss.

As far as Ezio’s story is concerned I don’t even really see why it was necessary. I really dug Ezio’s Italy based adventures in both Brotherhood and AC II, but in Revelations the story would have been the mostly same without Ezio. The story also wasn’t very entertaining, and it got to the point that I was barely paying attention to the Ezio story. Altair’s story was cool and it was fun it see him again, but there were too many time-lapses for my liking. Desmond’s story is by far the most interesting. I don’t know if I entirely liked it but the way it was presented was quite interesting.

Instead of a long cutscene and then a few minutes of gameplay, as previous Desmond sections used to be, his sections are mainly presented in something new to the AC universe. First person puzzles. This felted a little bit like a cross between Braid and Portal but without the difficulty of either. Out of all the new additions this was probably my favorite. But I do wish that there had been more and some that were difficult because I was able to breeze through them pretty quickly.

What little I played of the multiplayer was fun, but it isn’t something that I could see holding my attention for any amount of time.

In the end Revelations was a slightly disappointing finale for both Ezio and Altair. I can see that the series is getting a bit stale with its yearly release, and I am a bit nervous for what come next year…

Final Score:

8 out of 10

How does scoring work?


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