In a nutshell: Skyrim (2011) PS3 version.

Welcome to the first edition of “In a nutshell.” This is what I will post if I don’t have time to write a full-length review, or maybe the game just doesn’t warrant a full review. But what this essentially is, is a smaller review format.


There is no doubting that Skyrim is gargantuan in size. If it weren’t for hunger and…other bodily functions, you could easily spend hundreds of hours playing non-stop without running out of things to do and see. But despite all of the content I left Skyrim feeling a little disappointed.

It seems like Skyrim gets by on being both huge and on all of the improvement that were made since Oblivion (the game that came before it). Things like people saying that the combat is better. And yes, when compared to Oblivion it is much better. But if you compare it to other melee combat systems it falls flat, hard. I don’t think the combat is awful, and it does its job, but after a while without combos and other bells and whistles it begins to get repetitive.

Visually the game only looks good at a distance. When viewed in close though the graphics don’t hold up to the majority of the games that came out last year. There is now more visual variety than there was in Oblivion, but some of what has been added seems like it should have been there back in 2006 when

Oblivion launched.

Skyrim also has a great soundtrack and some really good voice actors.

There are a lot of quests in the game, so if you start one you don’t like then there are hundreds of others that you can try. Some of them are very well written, others…not so much. And I really dug the feel of the world, which felt a little bit like living in Lord of the Rings.

Now by far the biggest problem I had with the game were its many, many glitches, exploits, and other issues. The framerate would drop to a level that made it impossible to play fairly frequently. People (including myself) would move through walls, rock, the earth, and other objects as if they weren’t there. To catalog all of the bugs that are in Skyrim would take an absurd amount of time, and so I will stop here.

Despite what I’ve written about I still managed to spend a disgusting amount of time in the world of Skyrim. It is a definite improvement over the last Elder Scrolls, but aside from the size of what’s in the game I was a little underwhelmed.

Final Score:

8.5 out of 10

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  1. I have always loved Elder Scrolls games and Skyrim is great! Especially now we have got a new patch.

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