Dead Space 2 (2011), video game review.

Twinkle twinkle, little star, how I wonder what you are… Never I may life did I imagine that this song would scare me. But the good folks over at Visceral Games did just that…and more. Dead Space 2 is the scarcest thing I’ve encountered since childhood terrors. Many times I would be jumping out of my seat whilst playing this. And more often than not what sacred me, would turn out to be completely mundane objects, like a toilet flushing. They were also very good with never over using the same scares, and also not being afraid (at all) to show you the most nasty and violent things. I won’t spoil it, but one scene will make you scared to touch the controller.
Luckily there is a very solid shooter that backs up the scares. I was never afraid for Issac, the protagonists, life because the controls didn’t work properly. I can shoot like the best ’em but still I was scared, rooted to my seat. The elements that made the first game great return, such as Resident Evil 4 style shooting, dismemberment based gunplay, and the awesome HUD. But as a good sequel should, it improves upon them. It is now easier to shoot the arms off Necromorphs thanks to center screen aiming. Kinesis is now a viable combat option. And there are plenty of new enemies to tear you limb from limb…which the will if you let them, which I advise you do if you want to see some gruesome stuff.

May favorite additions to the combat are shooting opening airlocked windows and then watching as everything (including Issac) is pulled out into space, and the improvement of Kinesis. This time around Kinesis is a handy combat tool that can be used to rip the arms off of enemies AND move around heavy objects, instead of only the latter.

The first Dead Space had a fine story, fine pacing, and a great atmosphere. Dead Space 2 hits out of the park, shoots it while it’s still in midair, and then curbstomps it to death. In the first game ever level ended with walking onto a tram. You could guess when the level would be over, and four out of five times you’d be right. This time around levels seamlessly flowed into eachother, without a load screen in sight. You never stay in one place for too long, and while you there you’ll have a pants-crapping scary good time. And when the words “Chapter X” pop, I would be both relived and a little disappointed that I was leaving. But oh well, on to the next amazing set-piece.

Dead  Space 2 picks up a couple of years after its predecessor. I don’t want to give any of it away, but I will say that it is more disturbing, more gut-wrenching, and better told, now that Issac has voice. Only one thing could have made it better, but I think that I would have cause more controversy then they would have cared for.
But the true king of this amazing game is the atmosphere and world. Dead Space 1 had and has a great atmosphere, but the whole game was based on one ship, this time around it is on a massive and populated space station. Instead of seeing only what happened to a crew of adults, now a wrench has been thrown in…children and babies. But enough talk of the world, is better when you experience it first hand. Which everyone, who can handle terror, should. Is scariest video game ever… And one of the best of the year.

Simply amazing, very few things weren’t awesome to behold. This one of the best looking console game…

Don’t expect acoustic guitar, but maybe you should have a few pairs of extra underwear at hand, just in case. Every little sound is terrifying, if the sound doesn’t get you to jump at least twice, your probably not human.

Even though it plays as good as the best third-person shooters, this is still very much a horror game. Expect to never have enough ammo.

Worth the Money?:
The price has dropped considerably since its January launch. Most places it is selling for under 30$, which is an absolute steal. If you need more info though….game is around 12 hours long, has over a dozen levels, New Game Plus, and an impossibly difficult, “hardcore” mode.

Console: PC, Xbox 360, and PS3. I played it on PS3 which came with a bonus, on-rails Dead Space game.

Developer: Visceral Games.

Parental Rating: M/17+

Final Score 9.75/10


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