Picross 3D (2010), video game review.

I love picross. I spent at least a half hour sifting through iTunes for the best picross app for my iPod and back before I sold my first DS I had Picross DS. And so naturally when I got a 3DS I was excited to play Picross 3D (that doesn’t mean that the game comes out of the screen, it’s just in 3D environment now).
Eleven hours later I’ve just made it through the easy levels and have started on the average difficulty and have decided that I should just go ahead and review it already. So here goes…

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The Good and The Bad.

The core gameplay of picross is perfect. But choosing to move it into 3D could have ruined all that. But luckily it didn’t, all the number-based fun is still here. Only now its in 3D space. A two still means that there are two in a row, but since the shape of the grid has changed so too has the way you read it. Since places a jumble of numbers on the side of a cube would be not only confusing but also, eye-straining, the developers smartly came up with a new set of tools to tell players where (and where not) to chip away at the gird. These  tools are the circle, and the square. A circled number means that there are the many cubes in that row or column but they are separated into two groups. So this would mean that if there were a three circled there would be two cubes and one cube with a gap in between. Now a squared number means again that there are that many cubes in that row or column, but this time, instead of being separated into two groups they are now separated into at least three groups. Squared numbers always throw me off because I keep on thinking that they are in three groups, instead of “at least” three groups.
In no time at all I was flying through (levels are groups of eight puzzles), smashing cubes, and completing the picture collections. It was nice to have the few odd special modes thrown in once in while. Such as you only get one life, or instead of the puzzle making a complete picture it makes a part of a larger picture. The bonus puzzles (unlocked be obtaining certain amount of stars in any given level) were a good incentive to do well.
And that brings up possible my only real complaint. The way that score and stars works is that you get one star for beating the puzzle within a time limit, one star for beating it within a mistake, and one star for beating at all. But this is flawed. Except for in the “One-Chance Challenges” you get five lives. The reason that it is flawed is that you are only punished for the first and fifth mistakes, the three in between don’t matter. If I mess up once, there is no reason for me as cautious as I was before, so I can be risky, and destroy cubes I’m only seventy percent sure are destroyable. This isn’t a huge game wrecking flaw but it made the a little less enjoyable at times, knowing that messing up a second time didn’t really matter.

There isn’t really anything else to be said about Picross 3D. It may not be as perfect as the 2D version (which I think I like better), but it is still one hell of a game. If you like number puzzles such as Sudoku definitely check this out, it’s a great game to just leave in your DS, play a few puzzles, put it into sleep, then repeat. Or to have in the car, or when waiting in a restaurant for your food to come.

Visual: This isn’t a game about pretty graphics, but they aren’t all together bad, and the little animations that the puzzles do once they are completed are often amusing.

Sound: The couple of songs are bad, but get old fast. You may want your iPod handy when playing.

Gameplay: Putting a perfection into new light. The game play beautifully.

Worth Your Money: With hundreds of built-in levels, downloadable levels (which I think are free), and level editor, you’d be hard pressed not to get your money worth out of this game.

Console: Nintendo DS.

Developer: Hal Laboratory.

Parental Rating: E/3+

Overall Score: 9/10


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