Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011), movie review.

Whether they liked it or not, those who saw the 2001 reboot of the Planet of the Apes franchise, can’t deny that it was setting itself up for a sequel. So I wasn’t all that surprised when I heard that a new Planet of the Apes movie was coming out. But when I heard that this time around it was James Franco starring instead of Marky Mark Wahlberg, I was a little taken aback. Was this going to be a direct sequel and Franco would play Wahlberg’s character? Or was this a second attempt at a reboot? Or even something else entirely. And now, even after seeing it I’m still not totally sure–but that’s a whole other conversation.
So is this the movie that you should see when next you travel to the theater? Or is this just one big ape of a flop? Read on to find out…

The Good and the Bad.

I really like James Franco as an actor. Even before 127 Hours I thought that he had done some Oscar worthy work. So it was sad to see him in Rise of the Planet because he wasn’t really putting his best work forward. In fact, it didn’t seem like he was doing much as then reading from the script. I never really saw that the James Franco that I respected, and instead I saw an average performance done by an above-average actor.
John Lithgrow who I also really like–even though I’ve only seen him in Dexter–also fail to bedazzle me.
I don’t entirely blame either of them though… Neither of them were given roles that they could really thrive in, and it must be so hard to act when some of the stuff you’re interacting with isn’t even there.

I’m torn in regards to the effects in Rise of the Planet. Half of the time the were good believable effects, but then the other half the were cheesy, uninspired, or more often than not, both. The part of the effects that gets to me is the apes facial expressions. This may have been a way to have the chimps to emote in way that humans can be more compassionate about, but I didn’t really like it how the were giving them very much human expressions. And also in one scene to apes converse through sign language I thought this was so cheesy I didn’t know if I should laugh, or groan loudly.

I wasn’t totally sure what the movie was about going in, but I had seen a trailer promised lots of ape-based action. Sadly, this was a lie. If go to this movie expecting it to be an action heavy movie then will be left unsated.
Also the end was not very good. It sorta concludes the apes tale, but then in little ways into the credits there’s a scene that continues another plotline that seems to be a little unnessecery.

This is one of those movie that I wouldn’t necessarily recommend to people, but is still enjoyable. If you have nothing else to do and its playing at the local cheap theater then maybe you have fun going to see this, I was entertained.

Visuals: Half an’ half. Sometimes good, sometimes bad.

Sounds: I don’t remember any memorable music or sound effects.

Acting: At best the performances are somewhat believable, but mostly there just about average.

Writing: Nothing that strains the mind. The ending seemed a little split.

Starring: James Franco, John Lithgrow, Freida Pinto, and Andy Serkis.

Directed By: Rupert Wyatt.

Parental Rating: PG-13

Overall Score: 7/10


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