Metroid Prime (2002), video game review.

Metroid Prime, Samus’s debuting first-person game. Some say its the best game on the gamecube, other say of all time.
I got the game several years ago when I first got my Gamecube. I played through the first couple of hours but then decided it was too hard, so I put it down. But then after seeing it played in a video two months ago I decided to start it back up again.
So what did I think? Read on to find out…

The Good and The Bad.

For a game that came out nine years ago Metroid Prime holds up surprisingly well graphically (the screenshot doesn’t do it justice). The textures aren’t the best, but seeing as the game came out nine years ago I’m gonna say that these graphics are a win.
Little effects like the reflection of Samus’s face when there’s an explosion, or steam fogging up the mask, look amazing. Samus herself (whom you see once in a while) looks amazing. The world looks amazing. The only things that didn’t look amazing were the Space Pirates, your main enemy. They seemed a little bland, and many were just color swapped versions of each other.

Normally I don’t like it in games when you lose all your cool gear and upgrades just after the beginning, but in Metroid Prime this is half the fun. Exploring the world hunting for your gear and finding areas that you can’t yet access, is what makes Metroid games fun. The thrill of picking up a new upgrade only to realize that it’s the one that opens that door you saw an hour ago, that’s what keeps you going in this game. That…and the near rock solid game play.

Choosing to have the game be a first-person shooter may have seemed odd at first, but once you get your hands on the game all doubts will melt away. Even though you don’t using the C stick to control where you look,  combat was still fun and playable. The only two times I had problems with the controls were when two enemies were overlapping, or once in a while I would miss a platform I was jumping to because I couldn’t look down and move at the same time.

Other then one upgrade which is nearly useless, all of the upgrade were cool, fun to use, and were used well in puzzles. The Morph Ball is by far my favorite. For those of you who don’t know, the Morph Ball is when Samus curls up into a rolling metal ball. The Morph Ball is fun to use and its puzzles are all fun. You also unlock a totally of four beams that you can shoot, a grappling hook, suit upgrades, and some explosive upgrades.

All of the bosses in the game also have an element of puzzle to them. These were all fun, and sometimes challenging fights. But my one complaint–maybe about the whole game–is that since the game uses save spots instead of checkpoints, if you die during a boss fight you have to hike back to them repeating any and all puzzle that were on the way. It would have been nice to have at least had a checkpoint or a save spot before each boss fight.

The music is really good in this game, from electronic heavy songs, to songs with drums (and I think I heard one with guitar). This is one game soundtrack that I wouldn’t mind buying.

Those of you who are expecting an epic story are going to be severally disappointed. There isn’t much of a story at all, and what story there is, is told through objects that you can scan and then read the data. This doesn’t make the game worse, but it does seem like a lost opportunity.

This game may have come out nine years ago but it is just as fun (if not more) as some games that came out this years or last. This game is most play.

Visual: Not the best by today’s standerds, but seeing as their nine years old they are amazing.

Sound: Music is great, and the effects aren’t bad.

Gameplay: The controls are nearly perfect, but once in great while the give me problems.

Worth Your Money: It took me maybe 13 hours to beat it, but I had already played through some of it so I knew what to do. And even so, 13 hours for a great game that is under ten bucks, I call that a deal. I would go so far as to say it would be worth it to buy a used Gamecube online if you don’t have one already, just to play this game.

Console: Gamecube.

Developer: Retro Studios.

Parental Rating: T/13+

Overallscore: 10/10


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