Limbo (2010), video game review.

Dark, moody, and beautiful.
Limbo is a tale of a boy on his quest to find his little sister. On his way he encounters puzzles and traps, and many a gruesome death. The game my be short, but many hail it as an achievement in gaming. With its new PSN release now seems like a perfect time for a review.

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The Good and The Bad.

The first two things that I noticed when I played Limbo were the striking black and white visuals, and the absence of a music soundtrack. These are also some of my favorite things about Limbo. With no sound other than your footsteps, the wind and rain, and sounds from the environment it is easy to get startled when something moves or makes a noise.
You might think that you’d miss having color, but color would actually have ruined it a little for me. I liked just seeing the little boy’s black silhouette moving along, sometimes a tree would block him from me and I would be afraid for him, and when you go into the shadows all that remains of him are his two little eyes floating along.

The puzzles are all amazing. They never really repeated a puzzle, and many of them made me think and do stuff I don’t normally do in platformers. Now this is a good thing, yes, but at times the puzzles were a little abstract and it would take me a while to figure them out, but this isn’t a really a problem seeing as how good the puzzles were.

Limbo sure did nail the whole atmosphere thing. The game is pretty consistently creepy, nearing the end it let up tiny bit, but other than that… I won’t go to specifics, but I will say that at times the tiniest movement I would freak me out and run the opposite way. And the gruesome deaths, while sometimes unpleasant to watch, only increased the tension.

Their isn’t really much to say about this game, but if you haven’t played it yet and you own an Xbox, PC, or PS3 go out and buy it as soon as you finish reading this review.

Visual: Beautiful black and white graphics, everything in this is gorgeous.

Sound: Choosing to have no music was the right choice. The eerie sounds around you help set the mood.

Gameplay: Perfect.

Worth Your Money: Although it only clocks in at around 2-3 hours it is well worth the money for this amazing journey that I (and hopefully you too) want to play again soon.

Console: XBLA, Steam, and PSN.

Developer: Playdead.

Parental Rating: T/13+

Overall Score: 10/10.


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  1. I usually don’t like moody, or gloomy games. But Limbo did it perfectly. I’m glad I made the purchase, and am having a blast with the puzzles!

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