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In addition to writing here on my brain child, I have also begun to write on another blog. This other blog is based around Apples iDevices, and thus I am writing reviews for new iPhone games on this new blog… But don’t think that means that I won’t be writing here at outdatedreviews, because I will. I’ll still be writing reviews for games (new and old) that aren’t on the iPhone, and ever once in a while you might see an outdated iPhone review here.

Also I will be updating my scoring system… Stay tuned for that.


Picross 3D (2010), video game review.

I love picross. I spent at least a half hour sifting through iTunes for the best picross app for my iPod and back before I sold my first DS I had Picross DS. And so naturally when I got a 3DS I was excited to play Picross 3D (that doesn’t mean that the game comes out of the screen, it’s just in 3D environment now).
Eleven hours later I’ve just made it through the easy levels and have started on the average difficulty and have decided that I should just go ahead and review it already. So here goes…

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Ocarina of Time 3D (2011), video game review.

I have a confession to make.  I’ve never play Ocarina of Time. I played it but I never finished it and I only played it earlier this year. But now I have remedied that in my run through the remastered, Ocarina of Time 3D. And I got to say, it’s quite a game. Not the best, probably not ever one of my top ten, but I can see how players must have felt back in the late nineties when they first got their hands on it. And I was amazed that they were able cram the whole game into the little 3DS chip.

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Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011), movie review.

Whether they liked it or not, those who saw the 2001 reboot of the Planet of the Apes franchise, can’t deny that it was setting itself up for a sequel. So I wasn’t all that surprised when I heard that a new Planet of the Apes movie was coming out. But when I heard that this time around it was James Franco starring instead of Marky Mark Wahlberg, I was a little taken aback. Was this going to be a direct sequel and Franco would play Wahlberg’s character? Or was this a second attempt at a reboot? Or even something else entirely. And now, even after seeing it I’m still not totally sure–but that’s a whole other conversation.
So is this the movie that you should see when next you travel to the theater? Or is this just one big ape of a flop? Read on to find out… Read the rest of this entry

Limbo (2010), video game review.

Dark, moody, and beautiful.
Limbo is a tale of a boy on his quest to find his little sister. On his way he encounters puzzles and traps, and many a gruesome death. The game my be short, but many hail it as an achievement in gaming. With its new PSN release now seems like a perfect time for a review.

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Metroid Prime (2002), video game review.

Metroid Prime, Samus’s debuting first-person game. Some say its the best game on the gamecube, other say of all time.
I got the game several years ago when I first got my Gamecube. I played through the first couple of hours but then decided it was too hard, so I put it down. But then after seeing it played in a video two months ago I decided to start it back up again.
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Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Conviction (2010), video game review.

I’m a big fan of stealth games. Metal Gear Solid 4 made it onto my Top 10 Favorite Games list, the original MGS is one of my favorites, and I always like the odd stealth missions that pop up in most modern first person shooters. As for the Tom Clancy universe of games, those I’m not so familiar. I own and have played through Rainbow Six Vegas 2, but that’s pretty much it; I own the first Splinter Cell on the Gamecube but I never play it. But none-the-less I was very excited back in what I think was E3 ’09 when they were showing the Conviction gameplay demo.
But now its been over a year since it came out and all that I’ve played of it is the demo and five minutes of the co-op with a friend. I don’t really now why I haven’t played it sooner, but anyways now I’ve played through it.
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