Roboto, video game review.

Firstly, I have some bad news. All of you who are equipped with older iPhones/iTouchs (such as myself) will not be able to properly run Roboto. Luckily I was able to barrow an iPad from a friend for this review. Thank You anonymous friend!

Roboto is a game that tells the classic platformer tale of jumping around on platforms in a search to find true love. In Roboto you’ll take control of a cute little robot skater. You’ll be able to use your jet skateboard to jump across gaps in the floor, and you can use your blaster to shoot down the malicious robots that you come upon.
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The Good and The Bad.

Similar to games like LittleBigPlanet, and Donkey Kong Country Returns, Roboto uses both the background and foreground during gameplay. While you won’t hop in and out of dimensions there will be enemies and various obstacles that will use this mechanic. e.g. In a few levels there were swinging wrecking balls that would swing towards the screen and then away. I was able to jump by them either when the were in the background or the foreground, and they would knock me away if I tried to jump when they were dead center.
Other than in the gameplay this visual style of 2.5D comes in to play in more visually based effects: such as a boss’s arm smash out of the screen.

The graphics in Roboto are well done, and beautiful at times. The couple of cutscenes scattered throughout the game were simply amazing. The slick, glossy metal of the two robots was a joy to behold. I only wish that there were more cutscenes.
Each level has a moving background that adds both visually to the game, and surprisingly, it adds to the story as well. As I moved through the levels I was able to see where in the world my robot friend was going, and what might happen there.
The little robots animations were also really good. As he moves along you can see his tiny feet pumping along to get his board going. And once it does, it never takes him long to get in some goofy position.

Platforming around hasn’t felt this good on a touch screen in a long time (if ever). At first I had my doubts about a touch-screen based platformer, but as soon as I jumped into the game most of my fears were swept away.
The touch-screen still isn’t an ideal way to control platformers. My fingers would sometimes miss the buttons or would slip off because there isn’t a button there to feel. But the team at Fenix Fire did a great job with the controls;my only gripes about the controls are about touch-screens in general.
Roboto can be played in two different ways. You can either sit back and play through every level with caution, and shoot anything you see. Or you can play it more traditionally and just blast through it and try to get the best time. Either way is fun, but the shooting way is defiantly easier. I suggest that you start off more shooting based and then move on to the blasting phase later on for added challenge.
As you progress through the game it will have a pretty steady flow of new obstacles to throw at you. Such as electric walls, or platforms that spin out of control into space when you land on them. The pacing is very good and I never felt overly challenged…until the second to last level which desperately needed a checkpoint after its first batch of enemies.

The music at first I found to be a little bit annoying, but nearing the end I found myself have to resist from humming. But it does a  good job of setting the vibe for each level. Although I did start to hear repeated music, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Before playing Roboto I was never convinced that the iPad could be a major contender in the console battle. Sure it has a lot of games, but how many of them are really all that good? Notice I said before?
Roboto is the best platformer out right now on either of the iDevices. I find it very hard with games such as it to find a reason not to get an iPad.
If you like platformers–and lets face it, who doesn’t?–then you owe it to yourself to get Roboto.

Visual: The gameplay graphics are good, but its the cutscenes that are the real treat.

Sound: Music may need a little time to sink in, but once it does it enjoyable.

Gameplay: Great…except that you have use a touch-screen instead of good old buttons, which means that you may not notice when aren’t hitting the right spot.

Worth Your Money: While the main game is only 30 levels, with about 2-3 hours of game time, there is plenty to do once you’ve beat the game. There are a handful of minigames, unlockable weapons and armor, and each level has several stats that you can go back and try to best.

Console: iPad, iPhone, Android,

Developer: Fenix Fire.

Parental Rating: 9+

Overall Score: 9.25/10


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