Splice (2009), movie review.

What happens when humans start messing around with DNA, mixing species? Then what if human DNA was thrown in the mix?
Splice is the story of two doctors, experts in their field, who are the first to create a completely new, hybrid species. And then they go further into the rabbit hole, and throw in some human into the mixing pot.
So how does it fare? Read on to find out…

The Good and The Bad.

Any movie were who have a strange new type of animal would have to have pretty good CGI to make it all believable, right? Luckily Splice has some great CGI. Not the absolute best, you can tell that it’s just CGI when it’s in the same shot as a real human actor, but they are still good. The two creature of the aforementioned new species at first look just like two blobs of flesh, but the more you see them the more you can see characteristics from other species in them.
The effects to make Dren (the human hybrid) are by far the best. It was a little creepy how human she looked, but at the same time, how not human. Although I do have some thoughts about her hair. For some reason (probably fish DNA) she has no hair on her body, except for her eyebrows (and in one shot we see her neck hair, but that was probably just an oversight). My questions is why does the hair on her brow remain but all hair elsewhere, excluding her neck, is nonexistent?

Both of the main human characters are played well by their actors. Neither of them you’ll need to run back to your social network of choice and tell about, but both of them deliver good performances.
The actress who plays Dren on the other hand did a delightfully disturbing job. Using things such as frequent head-cocks, and jumpy movement, she was able to well portray that she was part human, but still very much part animal.

It would have been nice to have a little bit more of a world view. For instance, I couldn’t tell you what year Splice is based in. And it would have been cool to see the worlds reaction to Fred and Ginger, the new species that they made and then showed at a science convention. There would certainly be reporters following our main characters asking about their creations, or protesters. But neither of those are show, or talked about.

This is one of the creepier movies that I’ve seen in a long while, and it was also thought provoking. Could something like this be happening right now behind closed doors? What if scientists made some thing both brutally violent, but also as intelligent, or more so, then a human? And is it right to manufacture intelligent life?

If your looking for a creepy sci-fi drama, here is your fix. It is most defiantly not for kids, so don’t let your young ones (if applicable) see this movie.

Visuals: CGI is good, but you can usual tell that its just an computer image.

Sound: I don’t really remember any of the music, so I’m going to assume that it was unremarkable.

Acting: Both Adrian Brody and Sarah Polley give good proformances, but the real winner here is Delphine Chaneac.

Writing: Some plot threads seem a little bare in an otherwise fairly solid story.

Starring: Sarah Polley, Adrian Brody, and Delphine Chaneac.

Directed By: Vincenzo Natali.

Parental Rating: R/17+

Overall Score: 9.25/10


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  1. This film had me going for quite some time but then it just took a trip down the place of no return and then that’s just when the film totally lost me. It tried to keep more glued but it didn’t work sadly. Good Review! Check out mine when you can!

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