Get Him to the Greek (2010), movie review.

As a spiritual successor to Forgetting Sarah Marshall I was quite excited when I was finally able to sit down and watch Get Him to the Greek. It may not be written by star and writer of Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Jason Segel, but it still looked funny enough.
So how was it? Read on to find out…

The Good and The Bad.

Get Him to the Greek is the story of one man (Jonah Hill) trying to get an in-the-gutter rockstar (Russel Brand) to was comeback show on time. Sounds pretty easy, right? Okay, maybe it doesn’t really sound all that easy, but it at least sounds funny…right?

This is one of those movies were they use really TV channels, newspapers, and other such mediums to make it seem as if this were a real life story. And they do it well. Scenes at the onset of the movie showing rockstar Aldous Snow’s coverage of his flop single fun to see in real-life publications. But funnier still are the photos of his ex-girlfriend with some of Hollywood’s singles. TMZ’s coverage of Aldous Snow’s fall into alcohol, drugs, and partying are also well done.

I’ve never really been a huge fan of Jonah Hill (I hate Superbad with a passion), but his character in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and his character in Get Him to the Greek (who share some similarities, but aren’t the same) are both good in my book. I can’t say that he was the funnest thing about the movie, but he does rank up there.

Most of the jokes in Get Him to the Greek are pulled of well and didn’t make me feel awkward laughing, but a few either went over the line, almost over, or were just tasteless. Several of these were told by Jonah Hill’s boss, P Diddy, and the other half were from Russel Brand. I’m not going to go into detail (it’s not that there that offensive, I just don’t think that they’d add to this review), but just be warned.

This is a funny parody of a rockstar life. It may not reach the highs that Forgetting Sarah Marshall did, but it’s still worth seeing.

Visuals: Expect to see Russel Brand’s bare chest a lot. Some of the places that they either crash at, or party at look pretty cool.

Sounds: Some of Aldous Snow’s songs are fairly good…others…not so much.

Acting: Everyone does a good job with the characters. But nothing especially great.

Writing: Funny for the most part. A few surprises pop up in the second half.

Starring: Russel Brand, Jonah Hill, P Diddy, Elisabeth Moss.

Directed By: Nicholas Stoller.

Parental Rating: R/17+

Overall Score: 8.75/10


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  1. I love your information, it’s what I was looking for all along.

  2. I honestly didn’t laugh as much as this film wanted me to but I found Brand and Hill both amusing in their own little ways. Good Review!

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