Horrible Bosses (2011), movie review.

Going to the theater I had no expectations of the movie. I had never heard of it besides the voice on the answer machine of the theater, and the poster inside. Maybe it would be a terrible movie that I would have to block from my memory, or maybe it would be the funnest movie of the year.

So where did it land? Read on to find out…

The Good and The Bad.

The beginning of the movie shows some promise. It begins with Jason Bateman (one of the stars) narrating about how to make it in life you have to “take shit from people.” And then it brings his boss in who, as said by the text that appears on the screen at the end of the scene, is a “total fucking asshole.” The next two scenes are very similar, one shows how the next guy’s female boss is always coming onto him, and then the last shows how that guy’s boss is really nice, but his boss’s son is a crazed cokehead.
These scenes weren’t altogether that funny, but they set about what seemed to be a funny story. And it is…sort of.

Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day both funny guys (Jason Bateman is a good actor, but he isn’t all that funny, he’s just in funny movies). And as the trio movie through the movie’s script we learn that they are all pretty funny, but nothing in this movie really stands out. I can’t think of any one scene that I needed to tell my friends about. The two moments that I think were the funnest aren’t something that I need to post on my Twitter/Facebook telling people about. But taken as a whole the movie was funny, I enjoyed it. I probably won’t see it again, but during the movie I had fun.

Kevin Spacey co-stars as Jason Bateman’s boss. All the things I’ve seen him in he was good, but in Horrible Bosses his performance was very, very lacking. His lines seemed forced most of the time. I don’t really blame him for it, his character is boring, and generic, but it was still a disappointment to see his acting the movie.
All of the other actors did pretty good jobs on their characters. Jason Sudeikis’s character I didn’t like but that’s just his character, not his acting. Charlie Day in particular I thought was very funny, and I hope that this movie will give him more roles because he is one of the funnier actors out there.

I don’t mind swearing, but when done badly it sounds bad. Also when over used or used by children it starts to sound immature and stupid. It doesn’t seem as if Bateman swears regularly, and it starts to show. Or maybe he does swear, I don’t know, but I just keep on thinking back to him saying “fucking” and it sounds bad in my mind, hey, maybe it’s just me, or maybe it’s just his voice.
And also it seemed like nearing the end there was a lot of unnecessary swearing going around.


To guys:  If you and your buddies are looking for a movie to see, consider Horrible Bosses, it may not be the funniest movie of the year but it’s still funny.
To girls: Nah, your probably won’t like this.


Visuals: Nothing special. It looks pretty generic actually.

Sounds: As above: Nothing Special.

Acting: Spacey gives a below average performance, Charlie Day is funny, and the rest are pretty average.

Writing: It could have used more memorable moments and less unnecessary swears.

Starring: Charlie Day, Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Spacey, Donald Sutherland,Colin Farrell, and Jaime Foxx.

Directed By: Seth Gordon.

Parental Rating: R/17+

Overall Score: 7.25/10


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