“Classic” review, Fallout 3 (2008).

This is a review for Fallout 3 that I wrote back in ’09. So actually its not that “Classic,” that just sounded better then: “Review I wrote for school in 2009.”

I have decided to leave it as I left it, so please excuse any errors that I’m sure are present in spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

P.S. This  no longer represents my opinion of the game, only my 2009 opinion.





Fallout 3 is set in an alternate reality in which after WW II the cultural norms of the fifty stay the same, but has had more technology advancements.  And then in the year 2077, at the climax of a long-running war with China, it ended in a massive nuclear war.  At that point you could do one of two things. If you were rich you could buy a spot in a Vault-Tec facility, which is like a fallout shelter where you would live for your whole life and then your children would do the same and so on and so forth. And that is where you have been living you whole life, but the year you turned nineteen, which is also two-hundred years after the bombs dropped, your father escapes Vault 101. Being chased by the guards, you have no choice, but to escapes to the Capital Wasteland.

As you walk out in to the blinding sun you can see for miles upon miles in to a landscape ravaged by nuclear war. Now here’s where the structure in the game ends, you could go over to that hunk of rusty metal a mile or two off to you right or you could just wander the landscape looking for your father it’s all up to you. I choose to go over to the hunk of metal, when I come closer I could see a traveling merchant and his bodyguard and a two-headed red furless cow. If you choose to further investigate the hunk of metal it turns out to be a wall shielding a town from the outside world. I decided to go into the  the town and I was promptly greeted by its sheriff, who told me that the town was called Magaton and that it had an active warhead in the middle of it. After that I stopped talking to him. I then took out a 10mm pistol and emptied a clip in to his head. I then looted his corpse while being shoot at by the rest of Magaton. When outside I fled for my life and decide to find a nice cave to stay in for a while. After a week or so I went back to Magaton. I was approached by a man in a coat and hat and said that if I set of the bomb in the middle of Magaton there would be a very large reward. Almost needless to say I blow the town sky high.

I’m now going to talk about some of the  game play options. Fallout 3 features a new combat option called V.A.T.S. or Vault-Tec Assisted Targeted System which is where you press a button and the game freezes and you can target parts of your targets body. Another cool feature is the perks you get when you character levels up perks can be anything from having more health to becoming a ninja.

The map in Fallout 3 is huge there are one-hundred locations in the game plus tons of off the map places you can find like a downed UFO. And at most of those places you can find people will you missions. One of those is to help a group of ex-slaves capture and rebuild the Lincoln memorial and another is to make a wasteland survival guide.

Now we have come to the final part of the review in which I score the game on things like game play, music, graphics, etc.

  • + 8 points for music.
  • +20 points for game play.
  • +10 points for graphics.
  • +25 points for amazingly high replay value
  • +12 points for presentation.
  • +25 points for plot.

For a grand total of 100 out of 100


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  1. Hi there,
    Thanks a lot for leaving me a comment on my very first blog post! 🙂
    Personally, I thought Oblivion was a lot better, but Fallout was good! 🙂

    • No problem, it was an interesting post.

      I liked Fallout better, but only because I tried to cheat the mage’s in Oblivion and so they made it so I could finish that questline. So that kind of pissed me off so I stopped playing. But I’m super stoked for Skyrim.

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