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Roboto, video game review.

Firstly, I have some bad news. All of you who are equipped with older iPhones/iTouchs (such as myself) will not be able to properly run Roboto. Luckily I was able to barrow an iPad from a friend for this review. Thank You anonymous friend!

Roboto is a game that tells the classic platformer tale of jumping around on platforms in a search to find true love. In Roboto you’ll take control of a cute little robot skater. You’ll be able to use your jet skateboard to jump across gaps in the floor, and you can use your blaster to shoot down the malicious robots that you come upon.
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Splice (2009), movie review.

What happens when humans start messing around with DNA, mixing species? Then what if human DNA was thrown in the mix?
Splice is the story of two doctors, experts in their field, who are the first to create a completely new, hybrid species. And then they go further into the rabbit hole, and throw in some human into the mixing pot.
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Mass Effect (2007), video game review.

With the final installment in the Mass Effect series delayed until March, I thought that it was high-time that I replayed the first game. It had been awhile, so I didn’t totally know what to expect. Was it going to be this terrible shooter with some RPG elements? Or was it the greatest RPG to ever grace my Xbox?
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Duke Nukem Forever (2011), video game review.

Thirteen years after its original 1998 release date Duke Nukem Forever has finally been thrown out to the world.
Last month Gearbox Software, the last of Duke’s many developers, released Forever to bad reviews and sales. Having spent so many years in utero it’s not really that surprising, but some had still hoped that Duke could pull through. I myself had only heard the Duke Nukem Forever story within the last couple of years, and only learned of Duke Nukem period, a year earlier.
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Get Him to the Greek (2010), movie review.

As a spiritual successor to Forgetting Sarah Marshall I was quite excited when I was finally able to sit down and watch Get Him to the Greek. It may not be written by star and writer of Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Jason Segel, but it still looked funny enough.
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Portal 2 (2011), video game review.

Back in 2007, when the original Portal was released, it was hailed as one of the best new games. After finishing the amazing, albeit short, game fans were eagerly clamoring for another round. And so when Valve finally decided to reveal Portal 2 everyone was more than ready to get their hands on it.
I was a big fan of the original, I’m not the biggest Portal fan out there but it did make it onto my Top 10 Games list. But when I first saw Portal 2 I was a little uneasy. I thought that it would be all too easy to muck it up. There were just so many doubts running through my head, and up until the game released I still couldn’t have said whether or not it would succeed.
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Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows pt 2 (2011), movie review.

This is the end. Harry Potter’s final chapter. By the end of this he will have either defeated the dark lord Voldemort, or he will be wiped from the face of the earth. For those of you who read the book you probably already remember what happens. But that doesn’t make the movie any less exciting.

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Horrible Bosses (2011), movie review.

Going to the theater I had no expectations of the movie. I had never heard of it besides the voice on the answer machine of the theater, and the poster inside. Maybe it would be a terrible movie that I would have to block from my memory, or maybe it would be the funnest movie of the year.

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Bulletstorm (2011), video game review.

The FPS sub-genre has begone to grow stale. I know, for some of you it might be hard to admit, but take a look at the games that have come out in the last three, four years. What new idea, mechanic, material do the each bring to the table.
Better graphics? Yeah, sure.
More guns? Yes, but at what point does it become too many guns? Do you really need eight different shotguns, why can’t there just be three, two, or ever better, one? Yes, they each have their stats–one’s good for charging, one’s good for longer ranged firefights, and one’s equipped with flaming rounds–but in the long run, is it all necessary? Couldn’t one, well-balanced shotgun do the work of eight? Half Life 2 did it and no one complained.
Bigger set-pieces? Absolutely, each game has to feature bigger, better, and sexier explosions than the last one’s to stay one the market, and one the minds of gamers.

How many times have you gone through hallway after hallway shooting bad guy after bad guy? Isn’t it time that we were treated better?

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“Classic” review, Fallout 3 (2008).

This is a review for Fallout 3 that I wrote back in ’09. So actually its not that “Classic,” that just sounded better then: “Review I wrote for school in 2009.” Read the rest of this entry