Feed Me Oil (2011), video game review.

The Apple App Store is filled with physics based puzzle games. Angry Birds and Cut the Rope two of the more prominent ones, but there are others–some of which are just as good if not better. Enigmo was one of the earlier physics puzzlers, and much of Feed Me Oil draws from the earlier game. But it also has some things in common with another game that was only recently put up onto the App Store, World of Goo.
As with the other two games, the goal in Feed Me Oil is to guide fluids from a pipe to an end location. In both Feed Me Oil and Enigmo you have access to an innovatory of objects that you place to help guide the fluid–oil in Feed Me Oil, and water in Enigmo. Another big difference between Enigmo and World of Goo was the art style. Enigmo was boring looking, it was mechanical and bland, where as World of Goo had a more playful and cartoony art style. Feed Me Oil, thankfully,  follows World of Goo in this category.
Both of the above games were fun and worth the money, but how does the newcomer, Feed Me Oil, stand? Read on to find out.

The Good and The Bad.

This game, as I said above, draws a lot of inspiration from Enigmo which was one of the first iPhone physics puzzle game. But one thing that it does not share is the difficulty curve that Enigmo had. Feed Me Oil also features a hint system that allows you to have the game tell you where to place your objects. At times this hint system was good and helpful, but once I used a couple of my hints I started getting in the habit of using my hints to cruise though the levels. And if that’s the way that you want to play that’s fine, I’m going to try to stop you, but I will say that once you stop using the hints and try to beat the level using fewer items the game get a lot more fun.
One of the reasons that I was so easily able to get in the habit of using my hints was that for the first 15 levels there is no timer in between when you can use hints. And once you pass the 15 level hump I had already gotten in the habit of using hints. One thing that could have been done and would make using hints less of an easy decision would be to give you a lower score for ever hint you use.

One thing that I really liked in regards to Feed Me Oil was the music. It wasn’t the best soundtrack ever but it was catchy and fit well with the games art. Some of the songs were goofy banjo tunes, some reminded me of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” and some were deep, bass centered songs.

A problem that I have with the game is that when trying to place an object too close to the edge of the screen it started to become hard to accurately move it around where I wanted it. Sometimes I would get have to sit there jabbing at a platform for a minute or two just to move it half an inch down.

Out of all the levels my favorite was a bonus level where there was zero gravity. It mixed up the gameplay and I hope that the developers choose to play with gravity more in the first update.

Feed Me Oil isn’t the most original game on in the App Store but it get the job done. It’s fun and cute, yet at times can be damn challenging.

Visual: The game has a cool cartoony art style. I was a little scared to find that the eyes on the creatures (most of the maps are supposed to be a giant monster type thing) watch you and follow your every movement.

Sound: As I said before the game has good music, but there isn’t that much of it (there are only a handful of songs). The other sounds aren’t anything special, mostly just glogging and sloshing.

Gameplay: Fun for the most part, but some times it got frustrating, and as for anything original besides actually level design there isn’t much there.

Worth Your Money: There are 49 levels, including the 4 bonus levels, but it promises more levels soon. The game clocks in at around 2 hours so that’s 50 cents an hour, which to me, is worth it.

Console: iPhone.

Developer: HolyWaterGames.

Parental Rating: 4+

Overall Score: 8.5/10


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