My Top 10 Favorite Movies.

This is the sequel to my Top 10 Favorite Video Games list. This one took me a bit  longer to write, because, as many video games as I’ve played, I’ve watched even more movies. But after much time thinking about, decide, and eliminating movies, this is the list that emerged. Hopeful some of the choices will surprise you (some did for me).

10. MirrorMask.

MirrorMask is weird and at times disturbing, but even so, if you like it, you’ll probably love it. But, those who don’t like it, seem to really not like.
If you can get past all the weirdness this is an awesome movie, but…if you can’t, then we can not be friends.

9. The Departed.

Martin Scorsese has been making crime epics for longer then I’ve been alive, but back in 2006 he  hit a jackpot with The Departed. It may not be the best of his movies, but any movie with this much double-crossing (there is a TON of double-crossing in this movie) has to be good, and having Martin Scorsese as the director is never a bad thing.

8. The Dark Knight.

Even just a clip of Heath Ledger’s Joker would have made this list. It is one of the greatest performances of all time. He makes you hate him but still be on the edge of your seat to see what he’ll do next. It is truly a shame that he was lost to us shortly after finishing the filming of The Dark Knight. Rest in Peace Heath Ledger.

7. Inglorious Bastards.

When I first started to make this list I hadn’t thought that Inglorious Bastards would be on it. But as a went down my list of movies and tried to relive some of the scenes in each one I realized…how much I love Inglorious Bastards. Out of the Tarantino movies that I’ve seen (and I’ve seen most of them) this was my favorite. Quentin Tarantino has always been able to expertly blend violence and humor, and with Inglorious Bastards he did his best work.

P.S. Christoph Waltz was awesome…in an evil kind of way

6. 127 Hours.

In 127 Hours not only does Danny Boyle make another amazing movie, but it’s James Franco’s acting that is the real achievement. This is by far one of the greatest performances ever. I strongly disagree with AMPAS (the people who give out the Oscars) with giving Colin Firth the Oscar for Best Actor. He was good, but James Franco gave one of the best performances that has ever been captured on-screen.
The movie may be slightly less powerful on a small screen, but even so, this is a must see for anyone over the age 15.

5. Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

This movie may not feature Oscar worthy performances (they’re not bad, just not as good as the Oscar folks), or huge expensive sets, or epic music, but what it does have, is a damn funny script. Every time I watch this movie I laugh (and its hard(ish) to make me laugh)), Jason Segel is super funny, both as a writer and an actor, but the other actors are also awesome as well.
If you’re looking for a good comedy to rent (or buy) I highly suggest this one.

4. Goodfellas.

Remember earlier when I was talking about Scorsese’s best movie? Well this is it.
Goodfellas tells the tale of real-life gangster, Henry Hill (played by Ray Liotta). It goes through many different periods of gangsterism as Henry Hill works his way up towards the top. And some way along the way he meets up with Jimmy Conway (Robert De Niro) and Tommy DeVito (Joe Pesci) who both give some amazing performances.
The debate for the best Scorsese film is still going on but this is my vote.

3. The Hurt Locker.

2009 was the year that I first got really in to the Academy Awards show, and it was all because of The Hurt Locker. After seeing the trailer one night on TV for it I knew that it was going to be good. Little did I know just how good it would be.
After watching (and loving) it I had to anxiously wait until the year ended, hoping that another movie wouldn’t come out that the Academy would like better. Come Christmas time I was pretty confident that it would be the winner, but then…Avatar was released out of the blue (at least it was for me because I hadn’t seen, and only in passing heard about it), and it was huge, one of the biggest blockbusters ever.
So once Oscar week came I was super nervous that Avatar would beat out The Hurt Locker (which by the way I hate, and not just because it was the competition) for the Best Picture race.
When Oscar night finally came I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. The reader polls were saying Avatar 69% and The Hurt Locker only 14%. When the time came to reveal the winner I was almost dripping with sweat. And after they called out the winner I was happier then somebody who predicted the winner of Oscars really needs to be.
This is one of the best of the best, if you haven’t it seen…change that fact. It is the best war movie that I have yet to see, and it will always be one of my favorite movies.

P.S. I also said that Spain would win the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

2. Dumb and Dumber.

Do you have a favorite movie, book, video game, or picture (or some other favorite-able item) from when you were a little kid that you still love to this day? Well weather you do or you don’t, I do. And that favorite thing is Dumb and Dumber.
Dumb and Dumber may not be the most intelligent movie in the world, but every time that I watch it, it brings me back to when I was little (so little that I can’t remember the first time that I watched it, and I have a good memory).
But this movie isn’t just some silly movie that I like because I liked it when I was six (at least I hope it isn’t), it is actually a good movie. It would have to be seeing as I’ve watched it at least 20 times. It is funny, but it isn’t just plain old dumb humor, as the name might suggest, but there are some moments when it goes beyond its name and is intelligently funny.
I can’t recommend this to everyone (but even so I still try to), but it will forever hold a special place in my heart.
*cough* cheesy *cough*

And now, I give you, my reader, my favorite movie.
1. The Lord of the Rings I: The Fellowship of the Ring.

Few movies reach the level of instant classic, and even fewer were based off of books, but the first of  Lord of the Rings movies did it with ease–and it continued to with the next two movies.
Whether it’s the beautiful Shire and its charming inhabitants (I wish I were a Hobbit living in the Shire), or it’s the damp caves of Moria, goblins streaming down from giant endless pillars; one thing is sure. The Fellowship of the Ring is a beautiful movie.
Aswell as being amazing to look at The Fellowship of the Ring is amazing to listen to. Concerning Hobbits (I think that’s what it’s called), the song of the Shire, is one of the best songs that I’ve heard. But it’s not the only one, the movie is filled with amazing songs.
But above all else it’s the characters and their quest to destroy the ring that enchants us. To this day I can still name the Nine (the core group of them questing to destroy the ring), even though its been a few years since I’ve seen the series.
The other two movies in the series are great too, but I’ve always been a Fellowship of the Ring guy. The battle with the Balrog, and then later against Lurtz, were two awesome battle scenes and I enjoyed them more than the several army vs army battles from the second and third.
The whole Lord of the Rings world was just more mysterious and epic in the first movie, and ultimately, thats why it made No. 1.


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