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Demon’s Souls (2009), video game review.

I walk slowly down the dark walkway, in my hand my most powerful bow, an arrow notched. Before me I can see bloodstains of those who died here before me. Behind me is a trail of bodies, people I killed, some of them have arrows sticking out of them, and others are charred and slashed apart by me flame sword.
As I come to a crumbling stone stair I hear a terrible roar, and then fire and death are all around me. A dragon has come to meet me.
Running as fast as my legs will carry me, I find a safe spot and pull out my wand. As the dragon flies by me, this time I let him have a taste of my magic. The beast barely flinches but I know that I dealt him some damage. And so, I grit my teeth, set my pack down, and stick some more arrows in the ground before me. Now I’m ready to take on the beast.
About a half hour later the dragon flies by me, and as my Soul Arrow spell hits it in the head, the dragon shrieks, and then falls to the ground. I am…victorious. Read the rest of this entry


The Hangover Part II (2011), movie review.

What would happen if you woke up the next morning from a night of drinking and you couldn’t remember a thing from the night before? And what if you also could remember where one of your friends who’d been with you was? And it was also their wedding that afternoon.
The first Hangover answer all of those questions and more. It followed a trio of friends as the searched through Las Vegas trying to find their friend in time for his wedding. And in the end they do find him and bring him back, but only after finding out that one of them was married to a prostitute, that they had stolen Mike Tyson’s pet tiger, and that one of them was a Blackjack genius.
It was praised by many, and loved by many. It went on to win the Golden Globe of Best Comedy. And it almost made it on to my list of Top Ten Favorite movies. And when it was announced that a second one was in the works people were rightly happy.
But how does a second Hangover feel? Read on to find out…

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inFamous (2009), video game review.

Due to their recent security meltdown Sony has decided to include inFamous as one of the games that PSN users may pick as a part of the “Welcome Back” program. And with the sequel just out this was perhaps a very smart move on their part.
But with four other game also included in the “Welcome Back” program you may not want to choose inFamous as one of your two. That’s where I come in.  Read on to see what I think of the first inFamous game…
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Super Meat Boy (2010), video game review.

Donkey Kong, Mario, Sonic, these are all classic figures in the video gaming world. Donkey Kong was the first of its kind, a platformer. Later the protagonist from the original Donkey Kong was given a new name, Mario, and began a long war with its most prominent rival, Sonic. In their time they were the kings of the industry, but recently some of them have fallen out of grace, and are only now returning to the rightful place on the throne.
Platformers may not be as popular as back in Sonic‘s day but they still hold a place in many gamers hearts and libraries. Mario is still undoubtedly the king, but is there a place for a prince? Or even maybe a new king? Could Super Meat Boy be Mario‘s newest contender? Read on to find out.
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Feed Me Oil (2011), video game review.

The Apple App Store is filled with physics based puzzle games. Angry Birds and Cut the Rope two of the more prominent ones, but there are others–some of which are just as good if not better. Enigmo was one of the earlier physics puzzlers, and much of Feed Me Oil draws from the earlier game. But it also has some things in common with another game that was only recently put up onto the App Store, World of Goo.
As with the other two games, the goal in Feed Me Oil is to guide fluids from a pipe to an end location. In both Feed Me Oil and Enigmo you have access to an innovatory of objects that you place to help guide the fluid–oil in Feed Me Oil, and water in Enigmo. Another big difference between Enigmo and World of Goo was the art style. Enigmo was boring looking, it was mechanical and bland, where as World of Goo had a more playful and cartoony art style. Feed Me Oil, thankfully,  follows World of Goo in this category.
Both of the above games were fun and worth the money, but how does the newcomer, Feed Me Oil, stand? Read on to find out. Read the rest of this entry

My Top 10 Favorite Movies.

This is the sequel to my Top 10 Favorite Video Games list. This one took me a bit  longer to write, because, as many video games as I’ve played, I’ve watched even more movies. But after much time thinking about, decide, and eliminating movies, this is the list that emerged. Hopeful some of the choices will surprise you (some did for me). Read the rest of this entry