Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP Micro (2011), video game review.

The iPhone isn’t exactly known for the triple A quality of its games. Once in a while there’s a game that is good, but rarely is there a game that you could recommend to your non-iPhone gamer friend; even more rarely is there a game that you’d rather play then play games such as Mortal Kombat, or Portal. Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP micro is the first. S:SP EP is quite possibly the best game to grace the app store this year, or ever. Read on to learn what I loved most about it.

The Good and The Bad.

Many have called S:SP EP more of an experience than a game. And this true; the music (which ranks as one of the best soundtracks for a video game, ever), the pixelized graphic, the ingenious puzzles, and the quirky story all blend together to make it an enchanting trip into another world.

As I mentioned above the game’s music is incredible. It is the only video game soundtrack that seriously considered (and still do) buying. From dark ominous tunes, to cheerier walking tunes, to victorious guitar solos there is little to ask for in the music section. I can’t really give the soundtrack justice by talking about it, but I would greatly suggest that you try and listen to some of it.

As well as the music the games sound effects are also excellent. Birds twerping, or the clash of steel on steel the sound quality never let’s up. Also, the is a tiny bit of voice-acting in the game. It turns up and random moments and it made jump when I first heard it.

The gameplay at first is simple enough. You tap where you want to move or on something you want to look at. Pinching the screen zooms it out, and in reverse, spreading your fingers zooms in. But as you move through the game you learn more and more ways to interact with the world around you. Visual clues tell you which areas have something hidden in them; sound cues tell you a second before when to block an attack. The game take advantage of almost all of the iPhones abilities– it doesn’t use the camera or microphone because not all iPod Touchs have them. Sometimes you’ll have to shake your phone to complete a puzzle, other times it’s as simple as finding all identical items on the screen.

Besides Infinity Blade there aren’t really any great looking iPhone games. S:SP EP means to change that.

At first I blew off the graphics as simple retro style graphics, but the more I played the more I saw in them. The grass rustles as a deer runs past it into the forest; pools of water reflect trees and other things above it off its surface. All of the environments are gorgeous, and so are the most of the character models are great as well. The only one that is great is the model of the protagonist, who doesn’t really look like anything, but only has a humanoid shape.

The combat is a mixed bag. So fights are tedious and short (but spring up often), and others are long and drawn out but are much funner. Combat is more of a waiting game then it is a hack ‘n’ slash. On the screen the are two buttons: a shield, and a sword. Each enemy type has its own unique tells. Sometimes you’ll need to slash as the enemy lunges, other times you’ll have to wait out the enemies attacks and then hit them when their tired.

Usually I don’t think twice about killing animals in video games (especially when they attacked me first), but in S:SS EP the is one enemy that i simply couldn’t bring myself to kill them and so I walked away.

Some of the puzzles in the game require the moon to be in certain phases. Now, I did the cheap thing and went to the iPhone menu and changed the date ahead so I don’t know what happens if you just wait it out, but I do know that the game, at some point, mocks people who do such things. So if you play the game without changing the date and read this review, please leave a comment telling me what the difference, if any, is.

My only complaint is that the loading takes a tad too long at times. But luckily the amazing music is playing through the load time.

The game, or experience, might not be for all. If all you play is Call of Duty this isn’t for you. But I loved it, I think that is the best game on the app store at the moment. The quirky is funny enough to keep you playing even when the puzzles get hard. If you like point and click adventure games this is must buy. If you like video games or music, again, this is a must buy.

Visual: Among the best on the system. If you at first aren’t in love give them time. If, after time, you still don’t like them, well go to hell.

Sound: The game features some of the best music in any video game. And the other sounds are also great.

Gameplay: I don’t general like touch controls, but the controls I didn’t mind all that much. There are also some really cool puzzles in the game.

Worth Your Money: The game isn’t that long (2-3 hours) but the music, puzzles, and graphics make it worth your dollar.

Console: iPhone.

Developer: Capybara Games

Parental Rating: 12+

Overall Score: 9.75/10


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