League of Evil (2011), video game review.

If you like screaming profanities at your phone, League of Evil is for you. If you like hardcore retro style platformers, League of Evil is for you. If you like blocky pixels, League of Evil is for you.

I first found out about League of Evil because it was mentioned in a Gameinformer Show podcast as a Super Meat Boy style game for the iPhone. I thought I sounded it sounded cool so I wrote down the name for a future download. Once I got to a wi-fi zone I downloaded the “lite” version. After playing through the first couple if levels I knew that I had to have it. So, I bought it and then spent the rest of the night playing (even though I was at a friend’s house (sometimes I’m not a great friend)).

From all of what I’ve said you might get the idea that League of Evil is an amazing. But is it? No. It is a good game yes, but not amazing. It still has a small host of faults holding it back. But that of course is where I, your friendly neighborhood reviewer, comes in.

The Good and The Bad.


League of Evil‘s levels challenging while still being fun and mostly frustration free (with the exception of The Impossible Levels). The levels range from small to large, complex to simple, vertical to horizontal, green to red, spiky to blunt. Their really is a lot of variety in the levels. And that is probably my favorite thing about the game, it’s levels. But I do have one complaint regarding them.

Visually, all the levels in a zone look more or less the same. The first zones levels are all just gray mazes, the seconds sandy-colored. I know that most 2D platformers are similar in this respect, but League of Evil‘s levels are even more bland then, say, a Mario game. This isn’t a deal breaker but if changed it could give the game a significant boost.

The controls in a platformer are one of the most important things. If the controls are seriously botched the game is most likely a unenjoyable. But on the other hand if they really sing then they make you feel like a superhero. League of Evil is stuck somewhere in the middle. Part of this is due to it being played on a touch screen. This means a couple things. Sometimes you miss the little on-screen buttons, which might result in you messing up a jump. Also, a few times my fingers blocked out things below me. One thing that I want in a future update a way to increase the size of the buttons.

I’ve already touched on the visuals for the levels but I’d like to talked about character models now. Out of the hand-full of characters in the game I can only say that one or two of them were good. The rest of them are ugly little chunks.

And now the most major of my complaints… Lags, hiccups, and crashing.

In my time playing just today the game crashed at least three times, and lagged an unknown amount of times. When your racing through a level, jumping from surface to surface, beating in the head of bad guys, split second decisions are what keep you alive. But if when you go to make the jump your game lags and the continues with you flying into a spike and then you have to restart the level, you’re going to be pissed. But sadly, there isn’t much that can be done about this lagging.


All-in-all League of Evil is a pretty solid platformer. It could use some work, but if you enjoy hardcore platforming games and iPhone‘s then you should give it a try.

Visual: Ugly pixel chunks of every color of the rainbow.

Sound: The music changes every zone so this, for the most part, keeps it from getting repetitive. Also I love the little pitter-patter sound your agent makes when he runs.

Gameplay: If you can ignore the lags and crashes and can keep your thumbs hovering over the jump button then the controls are great.

Worth Your Money: With over a hundred levels, and only costing you a dollar is a great buy for platforming fans, but if you don’t like dying or hardcore platforming, stay away.

Semi-Pro Tip: If you go into the settings App on your iPhone you can change it so you auto restart when you die.

Console: iPhone.

Developer: Ravenous Games

Parental Rating: 9+

Overall Score: 7.75/10


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  1. Remember to use your own screenshots as much as possible due to the occasional copyright on some pictures you find on google images.

  2. I like the pixel graphics, it didn’t do a lot of lagging for me, the impossible missions are one of my favorite parts, the characters look awesome, iPod would be one of my choice consoles to play it on, the price changed to 3$ and now there are over 130 levels… I think our reviews will be a tad different.
    Oh and I had an awesome time playing league of evil with you all night.

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