Angry Birds (2009), video game review.

Angry Birds has become one of the biggest games the generation. It’s sold millions (maybe billions) of copies, had two spinoffs, it’s being ported over to the Wii, DS (I’ve even heard Xbox 360), and there’s been talk of a movie. But does it deserve all of it’s fame, it’s accolades? My answer is… Mostly. The game has a lot goin’ for it; it’s fun, it has cute characters, TONS of levels, good replay value, and near perfect controls. But it does have it’s faults. But before I get into that I’d like to give everyone who doesn’t know it is a description of the game.

Angry Birds is about the endless quest of a group of suicidal birds to take back their eggs from an army of green pigs led by their king. The gameplay is composed of flinging the birds at the different structures the pigs building of wood, ice, or stone. There are six different birds– some of them are strong against certain materials but weak against other, and some have special abilities. As of this writing there are 240 levels.

The Good and The Bad.


The game controls wonderfully. Almost all of the time you miss a shot is going to be due to your own aim, and not the controls. The few times that they mess up are, as I said before, “few.” The times that come to mind of it messing up are if I have the game zoomed too far out sometimes it would shoot my bird backwards. Or right after I had restarted the level it would sometimes lag a bit. But mostly the controls are smooth and responsive.

Most of the levels are fun and usually challenging (sometimes too challenging). At times I would find my self playing the same level fifteen, twenty times but once I finished it I felt a sense of accomplishment surge through me even though I may or may not have hated the level. I can’t think of any one level that i thought was ingenious but all-in-all most the levels are well designed.

I think that the most ink worthy of my gripes with the game would have to be restarting the level. It’s not that I don’t like the feature (game would be some what of a drag without it), it’s just the way that it works and how well it works. To restarted your level you most first, pause the game be hitting the little pause button, hit little restart button, and then wait a few seconds while the game restarts the level for you. It’s not that this is so horrible, but after playing the game and restarting level after level it gets to be annoying. The least they could do is put a restart button in-game next to your score like they did in Cut the Rope.

My only other complaint is that the music get repetitive FAST. I would recommend that you play with no sound or with your own music.


In conclusion Angry Birds is a good game that deserves most of its praise. If you haven’t already tried it go out and get Angry Birds Lite–why not, it’s free.

The game has simple 2D cartoon graphics. They aren’t anything special but they get the job done.

Sound: No thank you.

Gamplay: Responsive and easy to learn.

Worth Your Money: At only a dollar I would say that it is well worth it.

Console: iPhone.

Developer: Rovio Mobile

Parental Rating: 4+

Overall Score: 8.5/10


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  1. A very fine first review. I agree with most of what you said, but you never said anything about how repetitive and boring it gets after a while. Oh well. Anyway, good job, and nice and long too.

  2. well there’s where we disagree, I wouldn’t have given it more than 75, but it’s always good to have a couple different opinions.

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